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YogaVibes is an amazing place to go when you are not trying to have to go out of your home to do some yoga. So, it makes the perfect choice for those of you who aren’t able to schedule a babysitter, those who are stuck in their hotels waiting on a meeting, or even those of you who are on vacation. We have all had those moments where we were too busy to make it to the studio, and this site helps with that. Another great reason to make use of this platform is because you have no studio near where you live.


With this site you can try out an online subscription for yoga classes. These are way better than the videos you will find on YouTube that are always too short, poor in quality, and inconsistent. These classes are great for those out there who are like me that want an affordable alternative to a studio, those that are looking for a class that is guided like you classes in a studio are.


There are new classes being added to the site all the time. With this YogaVibes you will be given access to pretty much every type if yoga you can think of.  That is why they are a great choice for those that are looking to do their classes from home.


What I Love


The first thing that I love about this platform is that the teachers are all amazing! The teachers really do a Great job of getting you involved with the classes and they make the classes feel way better in comparison to watching a video on YouTube.

The second thing that I love is that there are TONS of classes that they offer students access to. At a regular you studio you are going to find that there is a limited amount of the different types that they will teach, but with this site they pretty much teach it all.

The third thing that I love is that you can take the classes on every device that you have. This means that you can go anywhere and still have access to your classes.

What I Don’t Love

The first thing that I don’t love is that the classes can be a little overwhelming. There are so many to choose from, it makes it seem like there is no specifics direction.

The second thing that I don’t love is that it is hard to cancel your subscription. I hate when sites make it seem impossible to cancel.

The third and last thing that I don’t love is that the classes can’t really replace that amazing feeling you get from using a real studio. Studios are just so personal, and while the teachers are great on this site, they still are not able to make you feel like you’re in a studio.


Final Thoughts

YogaVibes is great, their platform makes doing yoga at home possible. However, nothing can compare to the feeling of being in a real studio. All in all, I highly recommend this site for those out there with no access to a studio, or busy lives.



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