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As we all know, the gyms are always going to be packed with people trying to make their New Year’s  fitness resolutions in January stay a reality. However, by February everyone has come to the realization that regular exercise is hard to keep up with for those that lead a busy life. For those of you (who are always busy like me) the gym is not the way to go, but exercise videos are.

However, even the videos tend to get left behind or thrown out. That’s why the Work Out Anywhere company does so good, because there is no need to keep track of DVDs or VCR tapes. The company’s online  fitness program was actually created for busy people like me by Justin and Jessica Rundle.


The Work Out Anywhere company offers clients access to their program that is not too costly while also being able to be streamed from anywhere. Clients are able to access their program via smartphones, tablets, and computers.  The program is only $9.95 per month, making it super easy to afford, especially for those who just got done paying for a gym membership.

The trainers are certified, which makes their program feel more real. However, the program works so great because they offer members little to no rest periods and make them perform the most demanding of exercises.

What I Love

The first thing that I love about this company is that the trainers are certified. With certified trainers you feel like you are actually going to make a dent in your fitness goals. Also, they help to make the exercise routine feel more real.

The second thing that I love about this program is that I can literally workout anywhere! While that may not mean that I’m going to being working out at Burger King anytime soon, it does mean that I can can workout at home and at the office.

The third and last thing that I love is that I can afford this program better than I could afford my gym membership. I was paying  $20.00 a month for my gym membership, and while that may have not been to costly, I am super happy I can save $10.00 a month!

What I Don’t Love

The first thing that I don’t love about their program is that it does not offer access to equipment like a gym membership does. This means going out and buying your own equipment.

The second and last thing that I don’t love about the program is that they offer littler to no periods of rest between exercises.

Final Thoughts

Work Out Anywhere is an amazing program. I found this program when I was looking around for programs that you could exercise with from home. This program offers you a lot of great exercise techniques for a very low monthly cost. All in all, even with the two downfalls it has, I highly recommend this program.

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