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FutureLearn Review

FutureLearn is a learning site where you can pick out courses on many different subjects, and they are always adding on more courses. The courses are all different in length, because each course is different. A lot of the courses take six to ten weeks, but they also have ones that only take two and three week courses.

Free Options

The site does offer everyone the chance to take courses that are free, but the better courses are always going to be the ones that you have to upgrade to and pay for. You are able to do this in the beginning or even during or after the course.

Those looking to the free courses will have access to the course for the duration of the course, plus 14 days. However, there will be no access to course tests, as well as no certificate from the courses.

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Paid Options

If you are feeling up to paying for your courses, you will get better treatment. This means that you will have way more benefits and better courses to take hold of.

Those who pay will have unlimited access to the course, for as much time as it is up on the site (including access to any articles, videos, peer review steps, and quizzes). You will also have access to and course tests that are available. The best part is that you will be able to get a certificate of achievement or a statement of participation any time that you are eligible for it.

What To Do

The courses that you are given with FutureLearn are going to be divided into weeks. These courses will hold many activities that everyone should try to complete within the week that they are given. These activities are each going to be given to you with straightforward steps, and they really do help you learn.

Videos, Audio, And Articles

Everyone will be able to learn by watching the videos that are available to them, listening to audio, and reading any articles that there are. I have found that the videos are the most helpful out of all of these. A lot of these are going to be followed by short quizzes in order to make sure that you have understood everything that went on. Of course, the quizzes are very helpful (when it comes to making sure that you actually retained information) and they really help ensure that you have been paying attention.

Final Thoughts

FutureLearn is a learning site that everyone should try out. They are free to use, and they really do help you learn a wide variety of subjects. I personally have found that paying for the upgraded courses is always the better option, but others may find what they need without paying extra. I guess it really depends on how much you are trying to learn about each subject. All in all, I find this site to be as great as some of the best schools around, and it is honestly a great place to learn.


Try enjoyable, flexible teaching CPD courses from FutureLearn. Start learning for free.

Course Features

  • Students 499 students
  • Max Students1000
  • Duration10 week
  • Skill levelbeginner
  • LanguageEnglish
  • Re-take course3
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