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With the Shaw Academy you will soon find out that their main focus lies with live online learning and human support. As of right now they are offering their students access to 10 courses that are going to include things such as finance trading and marketing. Of course, one of the best parts about learning with this school is realizing that they are recognized by a lot of well known organizations such as the International Compliance Association and the NCFE.

Courses Offered

This school, as you will soon find out, offers many different types of courses. These courses include some business related courses and even ones that have to do with nutritional needs. All of the courses that you are going to find at this school are going to be offered with recordings of lice presentations, making their courses seem very amazing in comparison to others you can find online.

Being a student of the school allowed me access to their online portal. I was able to use that portable to access my assignments, take exams, go over the available modules, and review lectures that I had already listened to. With these courses you do not get that feeling of being rushed, you are able to look at the material that they have given you at any point in time. The tech support teams is also there whenever you need them.

Master Degrees

In Janurary I was the recipient of a mass email saying that they were going to soon be offering their students master qualifications less than one would normally pay. However, I have not started with these courses yet.

Accreditation Offered

Yes, the Shaw Academy does offer 10 credit units that are coming from the SCQF. These credits are real and they are able to be used by students to lessen the amount of debt they have to owe for their education.

What I Love


The first thing that I love is that all if their courses are held live. I really do not need to explain why this is great, because I’m pretty sure that you get it.

The next thing that I love is that they offer new lessons for their students throughout the week on every subject. This is great for those who are tired of staying behind the curve when it comes to their schooling.


What I Don’t Like


Really, I only have one thing to complain about with their school. My complaint has to do with the fact that they are currently only offering access to a limited amount of courses. If you are trying advance your education levels, this is not going to make it too easy.

Final Thoughts

The Shaw Academy is a really great school offering a limited amount of courses. However, as limiting as their amount of courses is, it does offer you a great chance to expand on thin s you need to know, as well as offering you access to live interactions with your teachers.



Course Features

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  • Max Students1000
  • Duration10 week
  • Skill levelall
  • LanguageEnglish
  • Re-take courseN/A
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