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Living Language Review

With Living Language you can get your lessons via online courses as well as with the Complete and Essential products (this means books, CDs, and audio that you can download). I have found their courses super easy because I can do them while I’m driving or when I’m at home dealing with the kids.

Easy Learning Methods

With this system you can draw from a wide variety of content. This means you will have access to dialogues and grammar notes as well as flash cards and games, plus more. All of this is really amazing because even the most experienced learner, like me, can have fun messing around with this system.

Their clear, concise grammar explanation do wonders in allowing you to make use of the language in the way you are wanting to. This really helps with the development of long-term skills for those that are trying to speak and understand any language. All of the languages come with the needed vocab and phrases, as well as exercises that are engaging in order to reinforce everything that you have learned. They also come with progress-tracking so as to keep you motivated.


Now, I have spent a lot of time studying languages with different tools, but most of those tools can be quite expensive if they are any good. However, I was shocked to see that the Living Language system can help you learn a language for as little as $12.50 per month, and they even have free demos.

Making Learning Fun

This system really does make learning fun, and I can see why so many people have used it. Their building block technique that makes use of targeted reinforcement so as to up the amount of retention has been based on linguistic science, as well as experience that they have gained from being teachers and learners.

All of their courses are super effective, while still maintaining a great level of fun, and they are very thorough. Anyone who is a huge fan of learning languages is going to keep going back to this system over and over again.

What I Love

I love that they offer you online courses as well as ways to learn offline (CDs, downloading audio, etc.). I also have fallen in love with their games, they really do make the experience so much more fun. For as little as you pay to get access to everything, it really is worth it to try out their system.

What I Don’t Love

The only thing that I have found wrong with this system is that it can be a little costly to those that are on a strict budget. However, if you do have the money to spend on learning a language, this is certainly the way to go.

Final Thoughts

Living Language is a great way to learn languages in short amounts of time. I love their system and really there are not any downfalls that are bad. I can honestly say that it is one of the best systems that I have found to learn a new language.

Course Features

  • Students 0 student
  • Max Students1000
  • Duration10 week
  • Skill levelall
  • LanguageEnglish
  • Re-take courseN/A
  • Section 1

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  • Section 2

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  • Section 3

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  • Section 4

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  • Section 5

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  • Section 6

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  • Section 7

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  • Section 8

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  • Section 9

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  • Section 10

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