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When I was starting out with Rouxbe I decided to go with their 6 month plant-based cooking course that cost me $1,500. Of course, I was skeptical at first with paying that much for information that I was pretty sure that I could learn online for free. However, as you will see in my review, I did find it worth it to pay that much in the end. Plus, the tuition does seem like a lot less when you look at it from a month-to-month view ($250/month).


Even though I was skeptical, I did some research (found out that others had taken the course and loved it), and then I took their free trial to see if it was right for me. After having taken the free trial I was able to get a better idea of what the school had going for them. It made me super excited about enrolling, but I was still worried about paying that much. Then I learned that I could pay for it in 3 installments rather than all at once!

After taking the free trial, I got a better idea of what it’s all about. I grew very excited! Still, I was on a budget. I called Rouxbe and learned that I could pay in three installments. I thought that was a good deal so I finally enrolled. Super fast forward to six months later, I’ve gotten my certificate of completion.

What I Loved

Rouxbe is comprehensive. Their lessons cover many different topics like cooking techniques, creating your very own staples, culinary wellness, etc. Even though you could probably have learned some of this information online for free, they teach it in a way that is not only more understandable, but also make sure that you know the science behind everything. With their teaching methods you can have the confidence to experiment in the kitchen without having to follow recipes blindly anymore.


I love that they make you do actual hands on work for your lessons as well. You have to create the dish, take pictures of the dish, and write a description of the dish. The work that you turn in is not only graded, but the grade also comes with an explanation of why you got the grade. I also love that you can post questions and that there are many different teaching methods.

What I Don’t Love

The only thing that I don’t love that it costs so much, but it really is worth the money.

Final Thoughts

Rouxbe is a great platform for learning how to cook. They have loads of classes you can take, and the classes that do they have are amazing, well planned out, and they are well worth the cost of tuition. All in all, I really am happy with my learning experience, and am happy to recommend that you take courses with this platform.



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