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I have been using the Mosalingua app for around one thousand hours now. So far I have found the Spanish version of the app to be the best out of all of the ones available. However, all of the apps are really fun to use. The version that I am currently using is the one for iOS (the Spanish Premium version). There are many other versions of the app as well, I actually think it’s pretty cool that they made different versions for each language you can learn through them.

What Does The App Do?

So, the Mosalingua app is an SRS-system that has been created in order to help new users learn words and phrases of languages with flashcards. They offer you the chance to assess your mastery over the language while using the app. Of course, the app will bring back any flashcards you have gone through for reviewing in different intervals (this is determined by how well you are doing with those words or phrases).

Why I Love This App

I love this app because of the native audio. Every word or phrase that the app is going to present to you is going to first be presented to you in native audio. This means that you will be hearing the language spoken before you ever see it written. I love that the sound is more heavily emphasized with this app. This app even gives you a button to press after you have heard the word in order to record yourself saying the word so that you can compare your pronunciation to that of a native speaker.

The app gives you a list of words that are based on topics or situations that you might find yourself in every day, and these words or phrases will help you in building your own decks. You have the ability to select any of the words or phrases that you want to put your focus on, so that they can be added to your own personal learning deck.

The Hands-Free Mode

The app does offer a hands-free mode, and this is completely amazing for users like me who are on the road constantly. The app will drill you on words and phrases while you are driving, or walking around. They will first tell the word/phrase in English and then they will teach you how to say it in the language that you are learning.

What I Don’t Like

I only have a few things that I don’t like about this app. The first thing that I don’t like is that the app does not randomly pick from your deck, but will instead go through the most recent of any of the words or phrases that you have picked to learn. The second drawback I have noticed is that there are a couple of typos with the cards.

For those interested in trying out the Mosalingua app, you can now download these versions of the app to your iPhone or Android device now:

Spanish ( iOS | Android)
French (iOS | Android)
German (iOS | Android)
Italian (iOS | Android)
Brazilian Portuguese (iOS | Android)
English (iOS | Android)

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  • Students 40 students
  • Max Students100
  • Duration10 week
  • Skill levelall
  • LanguageEnglish
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