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The iPhone Photography School might seem like a waste of time because of the name, but it actually is quite useful to those that have tried it (like me). They do a great job of teaching their students how to make the most of their iPhone camera and teach them how to create art with the pictures they take by using the tools that are already on the iPhone.


If you have been learning about photography and making use of that knowledge for a long time now, you might be like me and have A LOT of equipment that you are just always carting around with you. Of course, I probably do not need to tell you just how much all of that equipment costs and just how horrible it is when something super expensive breaks or needs replaced. All of this, and more, are the reasons I wanted to learn how to use something a little bit lighter than my equipment for taking pictures and turning the world around me into art.


Making Use Of Your New Equipment (iPhone)


The first question that probably popped into your head when you were reading about the iPhone Photography School was probably about if you can even do real photography with an iPhone. Of course, the answer to this question is yes! I actually have fallen in love with using my phone for this exact purpose. However, there are going to be times when you miss your expensive equipment and really just want to look professional. Yes, DSLR cameras are certainly the way to go when taking pictures, but the quality of the picture really has more to do with the person behind the camera rather than the equipment they are using to take the photo.


What I Love


The first thing that I have found that I love about this school is the way that they teach. They have a very personal feel with the way that they teach, and the lessons are more one on one when compared to the other classes that I have taken online.

The second thing that I love is that they are teaching methods that actually work. Their methods are very simple to follow and they really are great with their phones.

The third thing that I love is that you learn how to use your simple phone for some pretty complicated creations. With the best part being that you can great master pieces within minutes rather than hours.

The last thing I love I stay their classes are very great on a budget. Plus, they come with a lot of knowledge for the little price you are paying.


What I don’t Love


The first thing that I don’t love about this school is that you are never going to be taken seriously photographing in public if you are using your phone.


The last thing that I don’t love about their school is that the iPhone really does make you miss your equipment. Nothing compares to the feeling you get of holding a real camera and snapping pictures.

Final Thoughts

The iPhone Photography School is pretty amazing. They teach you everything you need to know about turning your phone into a photography studio on the go for a very low price. There are some downsides, but the upsides are too many to miss out on this great opportunity!


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