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Now, to some this platform may seem a little strange, but this is actually a great topic to cover. The Food Photography + Styling Guides platform offers students the chance to learn from modules that are easy to follow and comprehend. Of course, the main four that you are going to find with this platform is food photography or styling.

What You Can Expect
Students will find that the modules are all put together in such a way so as to make sure that they are able to get enough info out of them (making sure that the students can comprehend let concepts) without finding themselves overwhelmed by everything that they have learned so far. Each of the guides that are presented to the students via modules are going to contain some images, text, and videos. This all helps to make sure the students are getting the material that they need delivered to them in a way that is easy as well as useful.

How To Be A CamGirl:Visit This Guide


After I successfully signed up for classes at the Food Photography + Styling Guides school, I was given access to all five of their modules. When I was a little bit scared that I would chose the wrong classes to take first.  Luckily for me they recommend right off the bat that you take their courses in chronological order. This helped me a lot, because I would have been lost without them making them in order like that. Also, you will be given lifetime access to your guides, meaning that you will be able to go back and look at anything you need to when necessary.

What I Love
The first thing that I love is that they have self-paced courses. These courses make it easy to learn for EVERYONE!
The second thing that I love is that even though it is recommended to you at least have a DSLR (this is commonly used by EVERYONE  doing professional work in this line of work), they also give you a list of equipment to buy that you can go over with them and match to your budget.
The third thing that I love about their platform is that they offer you around 3 hours of material to go through for each module. This is a good amount of material for the price.

What I Don’t Love
The first thing that I don’t love is that they offer no personal one-on-one feedback for individual photos yet. However, they are talking about making that a reality soon!
The second thing that I don’t love is that there is no guide on artificial lighting yet. However, I am optimistic that if enough of us complain about it, they will make that course a reality.

Final Thoughts 
I find Food Photography + Styling Guides to be a great platform to learn from. Even though they do have a couple of downfalls, the good that they do with their modules outways the bad. All in all, I highly recommend trying them out.

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