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ExpertRating is known well around the globe for being an ISO 9001:2008 company. They have had some pretty big clients like Google, Deltek, UPS, and IKEA. Their company is one that offers LSS with green and black belt levels, as well as offering combo courses that involve things such as Project Management Certification.

The courses that are included with your education package are all going to be coming with certification (this is really great considering their low prices).

What I Love

The first thing that I love about their courses is that they offer students access to combination packages. These combination packages are amazing because you can put together Project Management Certification with the many types of LSS Certification that they have available.

The second thing that I love is pretty obvious, the fact that they offer their students certification once they have completed the course and passed the certification exam. They even give you a while year before you have to take the exam.

The Lean Six Sigma methodologies are a great way to save on both time and money while you are managing projects. While students are learning from these methodologies, it is very important that they learn how to use them as well as learning the philosophies and principles that go along with them. ExpertRating came up with the course so as to ensure proper usage as while as to make sure that students are learning while going on with many different project scenarios. The best way to make sure that you have learned all there is to know surrounding a core concept is to put it into practice.

The last thing that I loved when it came to learning from this company was their Aerobics Course. Of course, you should know that this course does not involve any exercising of the body. Instead, this course is meant to make the most of your time by knocking out rote learning by making use of a blitzkrieg type of attack. The main goal you are going to find surrounding this course is to go through the terminology as well as the core concept definitions as quickly as you are able to. This helps to ensure that you are focusing more on making use of what you have learned so far.

What I Don’t Love

Honestly, I have not found anything that I do not love about these course. They are not only affordable, but also great for getting certification.

Final Thoughts

The cheap package that has been offered by ExpertRating makes their courses a great choice for those that have little to no time spent using the Lean Six Sigma methodologies. For those that are going to make use of this course, there is also certification available if you are able to get through the course as well as making it past the certification exam. All in all, I really do stand behind their system, and they offer a great package at a very great price.



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