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Edureka is an online learning website that claims to be the fastest growing online educational platform. They also claim to have the highest industry rates for course completion.

Many people choose to use an online learning platform to further their education due to busy personal and professional schedules. The results vary from individual to individual, but are also highly dependent on the platform chosen and the compatibility between the student and the platform itself.

How Does Edureka Work?

Edureka claims to never give up on their students, a factor that they claim has lead to the platform having the highest completion rates in the industry. Edureka says that they accomplish this by never giving up on a student.

Edureka knows that not all students know exactly what it is they want to study, and many times they pick a course without having given enough thought to their plans. Due to this, Edureka aims to make each course useful and beneficial to anyone who completes them.

The platform provides reminders to help students stay on track, as well as a support system available online 24/7. There is also an app for Android and iOS devices to help students access their material wherever they may be.

Cost/Price Plans

The costs vary course by course, and are determined by various factors, one of which is the materials used in the course and also the time required to complete the course. Edureka has a refund policy that is very clearly written and targets very specific scenarios. There is a three day period that students have to get a refund on their course. After this period, there are no refunds provided.

To add to that, if a student downloads any content from Edureka or viewed three or more videos there are no refunds, even if you are still in your first three days.

This type of refund policy is very aggressive and is designed to ensure that the majority of unhappy students are unable to receive a refund. Such aggressive policies are rarely used by reputable companies and this will definitely not help the Edureka platform establish itself in the long term. It will be very unlikely for Edureka to obtain the same level of brand awareness as platforms such as Udemy or Khan Academy with policies like this.

Customer Service Contact Info

Students can contact customer support with their questions by filling out a form on the Edureka “Contact Us” page. However, this appears more like a wall or a net than a portal for support, especially when you look at it knowing how they handle their refund policies.


Edureka has already received some negative reviews, alongside positive reviews. Some say that they enjoyed the classes and the customer support the platform offered, others saying the exact opposite. This calls into question the validity of the positive reviews, because after looking at Edureka’s terms it seems more likely that the customer support would be generic, or worse, barely existent.

What I Love

There are a few good features offered by the site, and offering mobile apps is one of them. It is convenient to be able to access your courses any time you want from anywhere you are.

What I Don’t Love

The mobile apps leave a lot to be desired, and the company’s pricing is a little bit on the absurd site considering the little that you get for your money. The cut-throat refund policy that Edureka uses almost completely ensures that there are no refunds provided at all.

Final Thoughts

I believe that Edureka has some pretty bad pricing as well as a bad refund policy that make it almost not worth it to try. However, it does have some good features. All in all, I think that you may want to check out all of your other options for education before you start with this platform.

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