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If you are into photography, whether you are a newbie or expert, you are probably like me and have found out that there are multiple sites online offering courses where you learn how to better your skills. However, you have also probably noticed that not all of them are going to be similar. A lot of the teachers are going to know different tips and tricks, as well as different types of equipment that they use and teach with.   What You Should Know Every company comes with it’s own story. This company started over a decade ago, and they have continued to prove their worth over and over again since then. All of the courses offered by their school come with great recommendations from students all around the world. The school has even gained recognition for being the best photo-resource online.   If you are like me and have been making use of your photography equipment for years or even if you are a newbie just starting out, the Digital Photography School offers you the chance to better your skills. They are a great choice for those who already know a lot because they cover LOADS of topics. Every student is going to be presented with the opportunity to learn everything there is to know about night, landscape, and portrait photography. Each student will also be given access to lessons on exposure, composition, image post-processing, etc. If you are like me you were probably wondering about who would be teaching the classes, and you’ll be happy to find that all of them are taught by experts. These experts make great teachers because they have been trained by other experts as well as making use of their skills on the daily.   With this school you don’t have to worry about figuring out which courses are the best to go with at first, because they have 7 courses that they recommend everyone try out. Some of the featured courses are Lightroom Mastery, Lightroom Mastery: People & Portraits, 31 Days to Becoming a Better Photographer.   What I Love The first thing that I love about this school is that they offer their students access to many different topics. These topics are all great and they offer you the chance to expand any many different areas rather than one or two. The second thing that I love is that the school has been around for an extremely long time. This means that they have had more than enough time to make their courses perfect, as well as having the chance to reach the old and new to students. The last thing that I have found to love about their school is that their teachers really are great with everything that they do. They make it feel like they actually know what they are doing and have fun doing it, in comparison to others I have learned from where it felt like they were just reading from a script to teach.   What I Don’t Love I have not found anything so far that I don’t love about this school. However, I will keep my eyes and ears open, to make sure I find any problems there are.   Final Thoughts The Digital Photography School is amazing! They have great courses, and loads of them! They also have some pretty great teachers. All in all, I highly recommend this school.
Digital Photography School Resources: The Essential Guide To Black And White Photography

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